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Web3 Social Media: The Power of Online Community Building


Episode 5 - Founder Insights Podcast

Playground, a Web3-based social platform, facilitates the formation of connections, collaborations, and community growth. Its suite of tools enables communities to activate, manage, and own their data, empowering them to onboard and engage users easily. The platform offers features for discovering communities, participating in events, and collective activities. Community organizers benefit from streamlined member management, data access, and monetization. Playground's ethos is based on the idea that the world is a playground, and communities are omnipresent. The platform prioritizes data privacy and decentralization while encouraging active participation in virtual, real-life, and Metaverse settings.


In this recent interview with Playground's Founder, Jia Ling Yang, discussed how her personal and professional experiences led her to create the platform. Yang highlighted how Playground helps individuals in local neighborhoods connect, collaborate, and develop together as a cohesive group.

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