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Reimagining Music Experiences in the Digital Age: Unlocking the Potential of the Music Metaverse with Pixelynx


Episode 8 - Founder Insights Podcast

Pixelynx is a Web3 platform that gives artists the tools to make and sell their digital content. It's a free, public service that lets artists give their fans the tools to make their own 3D models, VR experiences, and other original works in effect giving artists and fans a whole new way to connect and interact with each other.

When NFTs, artificial intelligence, gaming, and Web3 technologies all converge, it will change the way people listen to and share music.

Pixelynx strives to make this the standard way to listen to music, increasing earnings for musicians and listeners.

In this episode, Pixelynx CEO and Co-Founder Inder Phull talks about how Pixelynx is helping artists find new ways to connect with and interact with their fans. He also talks about Pixelynx's mission and vision to give both musicians and listeners more ways to make money.

Indeed discusses how Web3 and the Metaverse will change how the music industry works.

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