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Exploring Solana with Joe McCann


Episode 23 - Exploring Solana with Joe McCann

In this podcast, we sit down with Joe McCann from Asymmetric and discuss Solana as a technology and ecosystem and its unique features compared to other blockchains, particularly Ethereum. Joe explains how Solana's approach to being a Layer 1 blockchain is different and more performant due to its emphasis on parallel processing. He compares it to CPU performance improvement over time. Solana's focus on Rust as its core programming language, its scalability and decentralization, and its tightly integrated architecture are also highlighted as distinguishing features. 


We visit market-maker Jump and their alignment with Solana’s high-frequency trading capabilities, making it possible for them to make markets on-chain and generate profits. We touch on the ongoing debate between monolithic and modular blockchain architectures, with, again, an analogy drawn to iOS and Android operating systems. 


Joe shares his views on the potential tokenization of real-world assets (RWA) and highlights the precedent set by USDC. He believes that established financial product companies may tokenize their products, such as ETFs, to expand their trading hours, and this is more likely to happen before more complex RWAs like mortgage bonds and corporate credit get tokenized. 


The interview concludes with a discussion of exciting experiments in the Solana ecosystem, including projects like Dialect, staking and liquid staking initiatives, and DePIN, all driven by the unique features of Solana.


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