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DePIN: Catalyzing Mass Adoption Through Token Incentivized Networks


Episode 19 - The Open Metaverse Podcast

Joining us this week is Mike Zajko, co-founder of Lattice Fund.


The main focus of today’s podcast is DePIN - Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks, such as Helium, Render, Daylight, DIMO . We considered some of the challenges and constraints they imply, such as hardware and supply chain logistics which aren’t usually faced in crypto, as well as possible future use cases. 

Mike shared some of Lattice Fund’s recent exciting investments such as Delphia - a way for users to profit from selling their own data, and Karate Combat - a novel integration of up-only sports betting and token-incentivized fan participation.

We also analyzed the 2021 seed round to see what proportion of web3 projects launched a product, found product-market-fit, and which proportion failed. Mike spoke about the potential drs of launching a token before launching a product. 


Mike’s Crypto Origin Story and Introduction to Lattice - 00:00 - 13:57

Unique Business Models Unlocked by Web3 - 13:57 - 19:48

Understanding DePIN - 19:48 - 28:58

Decentralised Compute - 28:58 - 35:12

DePIN Challenges 35:12 - 44:54

2021 Seed Stage Retrospection - 44:54 - 58:01

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