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From IP to Genre Mixing: Unpacking the Intersection of Gaming and Web3 with Shima Capital


Episode 16 - The Open Metaverse Podcast

In this episode, we're joined by Alex Wettermann, Head of Gaming at Shima Capital. Alex shares his theses on Web 3.0 gaming and NFTs.


The discussion also covers on-chain gaming, how to gain an edge for gaming investors, and the evaluation of token economies. Wettermann also shares his preferred games in Web 2.0 and Web 3.0.


Additionally, the conversation highlights key gaming trends that Wettermann is currently monitoring. Tune in for an exploration of the evolving landscape of Web3 and gaming.


The content of this video is for entertainment purposes only. It is not intended as investment advice and does not offer, solicit, or recommend any investment product. This video doesn't take into account your needs, objectives, or financial circumstances.


The Open Metaverse Podcast is brought to you by Animoca Brands' #tokenomics team, Mohamed Ezeldin and Mehdi Farooq. If you are interested in learning more about broadly understood crypto, follow

00:00 - Host intro
01:13  - Your crypto origin story?
09:24  - What is your thesis on web3 gaming, specifically regarding genres and platforms (distribution and infrastructure layer)?
11:44 - Can you elaborate on your thesis around NFTs?
15:46 - How do you believe Web3 rails can foster novel monetization strategies in games.
18:40 - Which Web3 and gaming trends are you tracking, even if they don't align with your present thesis?
20:09 - What are your views on a fully on-chain game? 
22:43 - Concerns around on-chain games
25:45 - DeFi games
29:20 - Can you describe your mental models for deal evaluation in Web3 gaming?
31:36 - Web3 gaming-related trends
36:37 - Do you prefer a top-down approach (focusing on TAM, market structure, and moats), or a bottom-up approach (centering on team and valuation)?
39:03 - How do you get an edge as a gaming investor?
42:44 - How do you evaluate the token design/economy for Web3 games?
Rapid Fire Round
47:32 - What's your current favorite Web3 game?
48:52 - Is there a Web3 game that hasn't launched yet that you're excited about?
49:51 - What are your favorite Web2 games?
51:21 - What's the worst game you've ever played?
53:02 - What's your biggest pet peeve in the crypto space?
54:29 - What is the most common advice sought from your portfolio companies, and what's your typical response?
56:30 - What question should have asked you but didn't?

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