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Episode 3 - The Open Metaverse Podcast

In this episode, Mike Dudas, the founder of 6th Man Ventures and LinksDAO, gives an overview of the firm's investment views in different verticals, such as data analytics and gaming. He believes that data is valuable and should be owned by individuals and that a subset of gamers will want to have composable games with token ownership. Mike highlights some of the areas within the Web3 space that he feels are undervalued and discusses the Layer 1 protocols that he is bullish on. 


The Open Metaverse Podcast is brought to you by Animoca Brands’ #tokenomics team, Mohamed Ezeldin, and Mehdi Farooq. If you are interested in learning more about broadly understood crypto, follow


The information provided in this podcast is for educational purposes only, and should not be considered financial advice.

0:00  Introduction
0:56  How did Mike get into crypto?
04:36 6th Man Ventures investment criteria 
10:49  Web3 macro trends he is excited about? 
20:55 Domains within Web3 space that remains underrated
27:21 L1s he is bullish on?
32:30 His NFT collection and criteria for selection

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