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NFTs For Teachers: The Future Opportunities


Episode 4 - Founder Insights Podcast

In this episode, Yogev Shelly, CEO and Co-Founder of Tiny Tap, joins the host Richard Robinson, the Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Animoca Brands, to discuss their app's mission to make children's screen time educational.


We learn how #TinyTap functions as a dynamic social platform, enabling parents and educators to create and sell engaging educational materials and activities. Yogev highlights the prevalent issues in the current #education system, including its distortion and inadequate pay, leading to many teachers leaving the profession, and passionately emphasizes the importance of transparency and ownership of work, which is integral to building a new and innovative education system. In conclusion, #blockchain technology and #OpenMetaverse could be key to revolutionizing education by providing transparency and digital ownership of educational content.

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