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Creativity, Rebellion & Community in Web3 - PyratzLabs


Episode 20 - Founder Insights Podcast

New Founder Insights episode with the founder and CEO of PyratzLabs - Bilal El Alamy.


We discuss how PyratzLabs is ideally placed in Paris, since France is a Web3 powerhouse with the likes of The Sandbox, Ledger, Life Beyond, Ledger, and other aspiring startups. 


Bilal breaks down how PyratzLabs is creating new startups through their studio model, investing in Web3 startups and growing companies through their accelerator.


We deep dive into Dogami, one of the stars in their portfolio creating a compelling Web3 Tamagotchi-style pet game on the blockchain.


We also talk about balancing the joyful stress of startup life with sports and nature. Go-karting and freediving are two major sports that Bilal immerses himself in to destress and challenge himself.


Watch the full episode here!

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