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No Sour Grapes for Viker


Episode 26 - Founder Insights Podcast

New Founder Insights episode with the co-founder of Viker Dan Beasley, on their launch of Grapes. 


Our entrepreneur-in-residence Rich Robinson discusses with Dan, assessing how two veteran game developer partners came together to launch Viker based on combined decades of experience and insights.


Dan and Rich talk about the importance of Intellectual Property, specifically "family-friendly global entertainment IP" and how they wanted to build their own IP, which spawned the idea of Grapes.  Combining that with super fun and engaging gameplay has been a secret to their success.


They then dig deep into platform strategy starting with mobile, expanding to Roblox and ultimately Steam and their vision to extend Grapes to as many platforms as possible.  


On the pod, Dan also explores their origin story more deeply and how the two founders have emphasized authenticity and engagement with their community as keys to their success.


Watch the full episode here!

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