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 From Axie Infinity to Ronin: Onboarding Gamers to Web3


Episode 24 - Founder Insights Podcast

New Founder Insights episode with Jihoz (Jeffrey Zirlin), the co-founder of Sky Mavis and creator of Axie Infinity!


We discuss how Jihoz and his team have been busy building and how they are coming back strong with their extended platform centered around Web3 gaming.


Jihoz and our entrepreneur-in-residence Rich Robinson chat about the origin of the company, the speed of its growth following the launch of the Ronin side chain, and the size of the company at its peak when it reached millions of users and nearly 12 million NFTs sold.  Even today with 150,000 DAU, they estimate that they command nearly two-thirds of the Web3 gaming space. 


They cover the phenomenal rise of scholarships for gamers that subsequently led to a surge of gaming guilds and the involvement of millions of scholars playing Axies in the Philippines, Southeast Asia and around the world.


On the pod, they explore the platform that Sky Mavis has rolled out with Ronin to enforce creator royalties and the challenges and lessons learned from building and maintaining its infrastructure. 

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