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Merging Web2, Web3, and AAA Gaming with Phantom Galaxies


Episode 23 - Founder Insights Podcast

New Founder Insights episode with the co-founder of Blowfish Studios Ben Lee - on their Early Access launch of their stunning AAA RPG Phantom Galaxies.


Ben and our entrepreneur-in-residence Rich Robinson discuss the Web2 and Web3 blended elements of the game and how launching on both Steam and Epic Games Store can further help onboard new users to Web3 gaming.


They chat about Blowfish Studios’ vision of building accessible, super fun, world-class Web3 gaming for true gamers and how that core gameplay awesomeness is the North star of the studio.


On the pod, they further dig into Ben’s exemplary entrepreneurial journey and the 12-year history of the studio, uncovering the even longer history of Ben and his co-founder Aaron, throwing it back to the 1990’s and reminiscing about lessons learned along the way.


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