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Welcome to the Futureverse


Episode 22 - Founder Insights Podcast

New Founder Insights episode with the co-founders of Futureverse Shara Senderoff and Aaron McDonald.


We discuss how Futureverse raised a whopping US$54 million series to build the open metaverse and how they acquired 11 companies off the bat with 250 staff with more than 6 years of experience already building virtual worlds to get a head start.


Shara and Aaron talk about their vision of building tools for users to delightfully accelerate the building and immersive experiences inside Futureverse. The future is unevenly distributed and their vision is to more rapidly and equitably distribute the future to users.


On the pod, we dig into how their entrepreneurial, investment and movie production backgrounds converge to give them the tools and competitive advantages any startup needs to succeed.

Watch the full episode now!

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