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Behind the Success of GAMEE, The Arcade of Blockchain


Episode 21 - Founder Insights Podcast

New Founder Insights episode with the co-founder and CEO of GAMEE - Bozena Rezab.


We discuss how GAMEE is a seasoned company with SEVEN BILLION gameplays that Animoca Brands acquired in 2020 and how the company is evolving in the Web3 space.


We talk about how Beast Arcade is a culmination of the learnings around launching multiple Web3 games over the years and working to onboard the non-Web3 natives to a fun and compelling gaming experience where the Web3 layer is invisible.


We deep dive into how the company went from a local company in the Czech Republic to a global player creating games for NASA and being the first company to make games on Telegram.


Watch the full episode here!

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