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Rewriting the Script for Hollywood with Web3 | Ft. Stacy Spikes, CEO & Founder of MoviePass


Episode 17 - Founder Insights Podcast

In this episode, the Founder and CEO of MoviePass, Stacy Spikes, chats with Rich Robinson about his decade plus journey founding, shutting down and then restarting the company with a whole new Web3 vision after meeting Animoca Brands Founder and Chairman, Yat Siu.


The episodes covers how the moviegoing industry is going from strength to strength in theaters despite streaming services and home theaters and how, in fact, movie going THE #1 live activity globally far outstripping sporting events and concerts and it continues to grow.


Stacy expands on how Web3 is a match made in heaven for what he’s working on and some things he’s excited about in merging Hollywood with NFTs and DAOs.


Lastly, Stacy talks about his storied entrepreneurial journey that he outlined in his best-selling book Black Founder and will soon be told in an upcoming HBO documentary in 24Q1 by Mark Walhberg. And also the lessons that running every single for almost a decade has taught him about discipline and entrepreneurship.

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