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From Podcasting to Curated Events: Exploring the Power of Connections and Community in Web3


Episode 16 - Founder Insights Podcast

In this episode, the co-founders of Edge Of NFT, Eathan Janney and Joshua Kriger, discuss how they built a Web3 focused media and events business. They talk about their latest event, "Outer Edge," and how important it is for the Web3 space to have community and trust. 


They also share the journey on how they started with podcasting, sharing tips to people who want to start their own podcasts, and emphasizing the power of conversation. Eathan and Josh also talk about the best parts of their podcasts and events which especially highlight how important real gatherings are for making connections and working together. 


The guests also celebrated the success of their Spirit Seed NFTs which had admissions to NFT LA as one of its utilities. Lastly, with AI being the trend, they are also super excited to bring the new podcast, "Edge of AI," to more audience about how AI is used and will be for both experts and people who want to learn more.

00:04 – Rich introduces Eathan Janney and Josh Kriger of The Edge of Company Incorporated
02:49 – Josh Kriger Shares Some of their Best Use Cases.
05:05 – How the Edge of NFT build their community and trust
12:47 – How do Edge of NFT ‘curate’ their community.
19:25 – The Magic of Physical Events
21:11 – Eathan and Josh’s Favorite Moments on the Podcast
30:35 – How To Talk to a crowd?
37:17 – Lessons Learned Along the Way.
39:44 – How to Build a Podcast
42:05 – Art in the Age of AI 
45:08 – How Outer Edge Made an Impact?

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