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Secure Your Secrets: Ledger's Journey to the Top of Crypto Security


Episode 15 - Founder Insights Podcast

Ledger is quickly becoming industry leader in secure hardware wallet technology with the latest release of their 'Stax' product. The Stax wallet features a world-first 'E Ink Screen,' designed by Tony Fadell. Ledger advocates for true decentralization and financial freedom, and educates its users on the importance of owning their Private Keys. 

In this episode, we are honored to have Pascal Gauthier, CEO and chairman from Ledger, to share with us the journey of this iconic product that marked many milestones of crypto history. Pascal also shares how the story of Ledger is being continuously written with the collaborative effort of extraordinary talents like Ian Rogers and Tony Fadell to bring tech and culture together. 


Pascal shares with us their secret sauce on how they protect cryptographic secrets by adapting the decades old "Chip and PIN tech", which has been battle tested for years. Ledger also has the "Dungeon", a secure attack lab with the 15 of the world's best hackers, to continuously build defenses against potential attacks.

Timestamp and Chapters :
00:20 - Introduction for Ledger's CEO Pascal Gauthier.
01:34 - Tony Fadell on Ledger’s Stax
06:02 - Ledger on Bitcoin’s Collapse
11:18 - Ledger’s French Startup Story
14:50 - What is Secure Hardware?
21:24 - The Story of Ledger and Ian Rogers
27:10 - Ian Rogers on Leading with Hope
33:54 - Describing the Startup Diaries
40:17 - Pascal Gauthier’s Defining Ambition and Reality

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