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Fitness as a Game: How OliveX Revolutionized Exercise with Web3 Technology Partnership


Episode 13 - Founder Insights Podcast

Keith Rumjahn, the founder and CEO of OliveX, talks about how he went from studying computer science to making a successful software that was backed by Nike and used in a Kevin Durant movie. He talks about how OliveX used exercise, movement, and Web3 technology to make fitness apps like "Zombies Run," an audio running game that has been downloaded more than 10 million times. He goes on to explain why Zombies Run is appealing to the 95% of new fitness fans who find traditional fitness apps hard to use. Keith thinks that "Fitness 4.0," where training is done like a game, is the way of the future.


00:00 – Rich Robinson introduces Keith Rumjahn

01:36 - How Olive X Got Acquired by Animoca?

06:51 - Zombies Run: The Future of Fitness Is in VR

11:10 - Have You Got What it Takes to Start a Startup?

13:47 - Are Fitness Apps a Big Thing in Web 3?

15:46 - Garfield Fitness's Vulnerable Moment

21:32 - Embracing Web3 and Continuous Learning

23:30 - On NFTs and the Apple App Store 25:06 - Engagement Through NFTs and Web 3 Games

29:38 - How to Bridge From Web 2 to 3?

38:28 - NFTs for Life

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