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Empowering Digital Identity: CyberConnect's Vision for Web3 Ownership and Interoperability

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Episode 12 - Founder Insights Podcast

In this episode, Wilson Wei and Ryan Li, co-founders of "CyberConnect," share their Web3 decentralized social network's vision and mission. Wilson and Ryan discuss how their blockchain-based platform empowers users to own their digital identity, information, and connections. They discuss CyberConnect's three main features: the Cyber Account, CyberConnect SocialGraph, and the wallet, which holds users' identities. They emphasize data ownership and interoperability, allowing consumers to move data between platforms and apps.


00:00 – Rich Robinson introduces Wilson Wei and Ryan Li of CyberConnect.
00:51 – CyberConnect: The Decentralized Social Network of Web3
03:39 – Rich and Wilson talk about the total unique users of CyberConnect. 
08:09 – CyberConnect’s Origin Story, Vision, and Mission
13:21 – Rich and Wilson talk about how China’s wallet is connecting people to their social identity.
19:34 – W3ST (Web3 Status Token)
26:09 – Wilson and Ryan’s Start-Up Entrepreneurial Journey
30:12 – Wilson and Ryan's lessons learned from the roadblocks of entrepreneurship
38:20 – Lessons Learned from Crowdfunding and Launching Tokens in Web3
40:43 - Beyond Wallet: Improving User Experience in Web 3
43:44 - Seamless Wallet Integration for Web 3.0

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