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"Cross the Ages": An Inspiring Story of Web3 Creative Innovation and Entrepreneurial Drive


Episode 11 - Founder Insights Podcast

In this episode, French entrepreneur and game developer Sami Chlagou talks about his amazing journey and the success of his Web3 game "Cross the Ages."  Story and lore are at the core of the game which is a mix of Chess, Go, and strategy. To that end, Cross the Ages is based on a book that was custom written by top writers sourced from around the world. 


Sami highlights his team's background in established franchises like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Marvel, League of Legends, and Witcher. 
He emphasizes the significance of storytelling for startups and how he inspired the Writers and Graphic Designers behind Cross the Ages. 
Sami also dives into his experiences in fundraising and the importance of creating emotional connections with games.
Sami shares his journey as an entrepreneur, from selling newspapers to starting a trading card company that is still around today. He talks about how much he likes the "hero's journey" and how he incorporates it into the DNA of Cross the Ages. 
Lastly, he shares insights on the transition from Web2 to Web3 and the possibilities that arise with the right mindset and leveraging collective intelligence.


00:00 – Rich Robinson introduces Sami Chlagou, the Co-Founder and CEO of Cross The Ages
05:29 – Rich and Sami talks about “Cross The Ages”
07:29 – Origin Story of “Cross The Ages”
13:20 – Rich and Sami talks about how Sami got invited to the Sandbox Dinner.
17:04 – Sami shares how he created his own opportunity
20:26 – Sami talks on how he started his a business in Video Games.
28:01 – Sami shares more of the “Cross The Ages” origin story
32:01 – Rich and Sami talks about how Sami got a deal with Bandai
37:19 – Sami shares how he started to collect ‘cards’ when he was nine-year old
43:37 – Sami’s entrepreneurial mindset and timing in the gaming industry
48:08 – Rich and Sami talks about the lessons learnt along building “Cross The Ages”
54:32 – Sami leaves a great advise to the audience.

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