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Avocado Guild Bringing the Community Together


Episode 2 - Founder Insights Podcast

In this episode, Brendan Wong, founder of Avocado Guild, shares his journey from being an F&B start-up to focusing on blockchain technology and bridging opportunities to a community of scholars in the Web3 gaming ecosystem.


Avocado Guild ( is a metaverse gaming company founded by Brendan Wong. Avocado Guild supports, helps, and generates mass micro-funds to make a real difference by empowering and educating people around the world on blockchain gaming technology.


Learn more about Avocado Guild by visiting their website:


00:00 Rich Robinson introduces Brendan Wong and Avocado Guild
02:02 Brendan talks about Avocado Guild, what they're working on right now on the gaming and Web3 industry and how that fits into the company's mission and vision
06:10 Brendan shares what his and Avocado Guild's vision is, and how he brings that into Metaverse to their team and scholars
08:13 Rich and Brendan talk about the Web2 to Web3 transition bumpy journey, and how they can educate the masses
11:37 How people became interested in NFTs from Axie Infinity, and how Axie and other NFTs affect their lives by earning
14:07 How Avocado Guild is helping leverage opportunities for people who are interested in the Web3, like NFT scholars, in the Web3 and blockchain gamers industry
15:44 What Brendan's definition of 'guild' is, and what their goal is for these guilds and ecosystems.
20:21 What excited Brendan about blockchain gaming's state right now. And how Axie started and introduced NFT and gaming into the world
21:13 Why Phantom Galaxies excite Brendan Wong
22:14 How NFTs generate cash for creators and users
24:05 Why Brendan and people are loving Phantom Galaxies
25:59 Brendan Wong's entrepreneurial journey
27:25 Lessons that Brendan Wong has learned along his entrepreneurial journey
30:55 Brendan's final words for the listeners and what a 'guild' does

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