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Cultivating Cultural Bridges in Web3: People of Crypto on a Mission to Democratize the Metaverse


Episode 9 - Founder Insights Podcast

People of Crypto Lab (POC) is a creative and innovation hub dedicated to increasing diversity, participation, and representation in Web 3.

POC has also co-authored a BCG research paper, created a token-gated survey, and is working on a project with Sandbox, the Valley of Belonging game.

PoC focuses on educating, onboarding, and advancing the global majority so that they can participate in Web3 and monetize their creativity. People of Crypto emphasize  purpose-driven content and building communities as keys to ensuring Web3's success.

In this episode, Simone Berry, Co-Founder of People of Crypto, talks about how they are dedicated to creating a diverse cultural bridge for the global majority. She also shares how Web3 is trying to solve direct creators’ monetization.

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