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OP3N: a Web3 Superchat Program - a Web3-Specific Equivalent of WeChat, WhatsApp, or Line


Episode 7 - Founder Insights Podcast

OP3N answers the demand for a Web3 communication and administration platform, allowing users to purchase, sell, trade, gift, and swap digital assets or NFTs. OP3N Founder, Jaeson Ma, recognized the importance of IP from previous investments in 88Rising, Stampede Ventures, and Eastern Standard Times. Jaeson saw the need for direct consumer-to-IP interaction and a forum for people from Asia to convey their experiences to the rest of the globe.


OP3N arose from the awareness that users required a platform to express their projects and ideas to their fan bases direcrly. In this episode, Jaeson Ma shares about his journey from Web2 to Web3 and how he is now building OP3N, a Web3 Superchat app.
Jaeson discusses how he believes that Crypto, Blockchain, and Web3 are their own country, and how they need their own governance, currency, and citizenship, just like any other country. He also shares his experiences in the entertainment industry building 88Rising, Stampede Ventures, and Eastern Standard Times and how his life's mission has been to bridge East and West through media, entertainment, and technology. Jaeson also discusses the power of owning your own IP and the impact of removing the middle layer so that creators can be directly connected to their fans and community.

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