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Connecting the Blockchain Community: LayerZero's Trailblazing Adventure


Episode 6 - Founder Insights Podcast

LayerZero Labs is a blockchain messaging protocol developer that allows decentralized applications build across multiple blockchains.

With a ground-breaking User Application that enables users to run a universal layer network by configuring on-chain endpoints (ULN), it is a safe and trustworthy network that uses an Oracle and a Relayer to relay data between nodes on the blockchain.

Through LayerZero, users can conduct secure transactions, communications, and other activities in a network that lacks a central authority. It enables users to exert complete command over their digital possessions and conduct business with complete peace of mind.

In this episode, Ryan Zarick (aka 'Raz') , CTO and Co-Founder of LayerZero, discusses the company's incredible beginnings and development. Raz also discussed LayerZero's Delta Algorithm and their stated goal of facilitating on-chain, encrypted communication.

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