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Craft, Collaborate, Conquer: Deep Dive into Pixels


Episode 14 - The Open Metaverse Podcast

A new episode of The Open Metaverse podcast by Animoca Brands features Luke Barwikowski, Founder, CEO and CTO of Pixel, who share the Pixels’ evolution and strategies for building a strong community and driving engagement. Along with this he highlighted upcoming release of new features, UGC tools and unique tokenomics of Pixels.


00:00 Introduction

1:25 - 4:20 Crypto Origin Story

4:24 - 5:19 Reason for Creating Pixels in Web3?

20:00 - 8:01 Web3 Economics in Pixels

8:03 - 10:12 What is Pixels and why is it special?

10:13 - 14:16 Pixel Token Utility / Stakeholder Benefits

14:17 - 17:18 User-Generated Content in Pixels

17:19 - 18:56 Pixel Token Demand and Pricing Out Users

19:00 - 22:18 Pixel Monetization and Community Benefits

22:28 - 24:14 Evolution of Play-to-Earn

24:17 – 27:33 Rapid Fire Round


The Open Metaverse Podcast is brought to you by Animoca Brands' tokenomics team, Mohamed Ezeldin and Mehdi Farooq. If you are interested in learning more about broadly understood crypto, follow


The information provided in this podcast is for educational purposes only, and should not be considered financial advice.

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