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Click, Play and Stream To Make a Buck With


Episode 10 - Founder Insights Podcast is a brand-new game challenge platform that enables streamers and gamers to interact with one another in novel ways. Azarus lets its community build a game SDK, distribute through stream integration, and monetize games on stream with AzaCoins.


In this episode, Alex Casassovici, the founder of, talks about Azarus’ features and benefits. He also discussed some interesting new projects and initiatives that they are developing for the community.



00:00:34 – Alex talks about a huge deal they have with a talent agency.

00:01:40 – Rich and Alex talk about GTM.

00:02:07 - Rich and Alex talks about product market fit and start-ups who build then don’t know what the market fit is.

00:04:37 - Alex shares that they started on Twitch with Extension SDK.

00:06:38 - Alex shares the origin story of Azarus.

00:08:35 - Rich and Alex talk about the evolution of video players from 1990 where you need to download a player that is clunky to Youtube where you just click and it plays.

00:09:26 - How Azarus get immediate street cred with the help of Ubisoft.

00:10:49 - Rich and Alex talk about the importance of clicking that button.

00:16:20 - Azarus vision and mission.

00:19:37 - Rich and Alex talk bear market that brings an intrinsic value to their users.

00:24:32 - Rich and Alex talk about the lessons learned from launching and managing Azarus. 00:29:03 - Rich and Alex talks about building AzaCoin, the mechanics of Azarus and what are the things to expect from the community.

00:34:24 - How to create trust and transparency in the blockchain community.

00:38:07 - Rich and Alex talks about Alex’s trials, tribulations, and triumph in the industry. 00:47:41 - Rich and Alex talks about lessons learned on blockchain community.

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